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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 2001-05-20

Hi, Carl!!!
Sorry for the long wait for an email, i lost one this morning. Well here are some answers:
How are the children in Yinghua?
Okay, I have to say I dont' reeally know what you mean. In the dorms, and durning classes, the only Yinghua kid you'll see is me. And I'm noe very good at describing myself.... I'll tell you about he Limai kis instead. Many kids here are pretty spoiled, and they come form very rich families. They can be very hurtful at times without knowing it, but they all have a good side too. They may swear at you, but most of the time they don't mean it. Do you even know theChinese swear words?
Is the food alright?
Well, that depends on who you are. I have always eaten Chinese food at home, so I thought that the food was just a little too greasy. If you're not used toit...then it's still edible!
Is it fun being away from your parents for a while?
Carl, everyone is different. I have always been very close to my parents, and when I wend to the Yib summer camp, I cried everyday for a couple days. Here, i sometimes enjoy the indepence that I wouldn't get in the states, but sometimes, I throughly hate being away from my parents. Just remember, no matter how you feel, there's gonign to be sonmeone in the class feeling the same way.
Are the teachers very strict?
They're not that strict, but stricter then the average American teacher.
is it hard to understand what the Chinese teachers are teaching since they speak better Chinese than an American Chinese person?
Carl, I had too laugh at this question, sorry. OF COURSE it's hard to understand... exspcially the first few weeks. If you read my mom's journal entry, the only thing I could unsderstand in my first biology class was the 3 letters DNA, but on the midterm I gat a 92. It's also hard to see what they write on the board: even if you know the chinese character, it's written in cursive, and very messy!
Will i be able to to learn more than Chinese, like math, science, soc. st. and I.L.A.?
I'm afarid that I don't know what I.L.A. is. If you are going ot be like me, and learn with the class, then you'll have a variety of subjects including: Math, Chinese, English (too easy), Biology, Politics, History, Geography, Music, Art, PE, and Computers.
Well, last time I told you about the schedule, but I'll uopt of time now, so I guess you need to waid till next itme!
Best wishes,

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