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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program FAQ

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1: What is your refund policy?

Posted on 2009-08-03 by

1) The program cost for the 4-week program is $3,280 (including traveler's accident & injury insurance in China, not including international travel or medical insurance)

Deposit of $400 is due in 7 days after online registration. It includes $80 non-refundable registration fee. The balance is due by April 30.
Withdrawal and refund: a request for withdrawal must be in writing via email or regular mail. The date of withdrawal is the date of the email or the postmarked date of the regular mail. All refund will be issued in 10 business days after receiving the request.
Now - April 30 total refund less $80 registration fee
May 1 to May 15 Program cost less deposit
May 16 to May 31 75% of Program cost
June 1 to June 10 50% of Program cost
After June 11 NO REFUND.

Any non-refunded portion of tuition can be applied as a credit (less the registration fee) toward the SAME student's future tuition in the "YingHua in Beijing" programs. This credit has no time limitation but is not transferable to other YingHua programs or students. The amount would be forfeited if either the affected student does not enroll in future "YingHua in Beijing" sessions or the program ceases operation.


2: Does your fee include the airfair, insurance and visa cost?

Posted on 2009-01-03 by Director

The fee ($2,980 for 4 weeks) does not include international airfair and visa cost.

It includes traveler's accidental insurance, room & board, train fair, and other program-related expenses.

We are also encouraging participants to pay an additional $180(for 4 weeks) or $212(for 5 weeks) to purchase the International SOS Global Travel Medical Membership, which includes repatriation service among others.


3: Is this summer program eligible for reimbursement of the Dependent Care Reimbursement Program?

Posted on 2005-01-03 by Director

According personal tax advisors, none of the overnight summer camp/program expense is eligible for tax deduction. The Dependent Care Reimbursement (or Flex account) is set up to enable parents to go to work. Overnight camps are considered to be a privilege not a necessity for living. Therefore you should check with your own advisor before assuming it would be eligible for tax deduction.


4: Where can I purchase international tickets?

Posted on 2009-04-23 by Director

Students may travel on their own and be picked up at the airport. Those who can travel from the Newark International Airport (New Jersey) are encouraged to travel together on CO flight numbers #88, #89 departing on Sunday June 21 and returning on Sunday July 19 (four-week program) or July 26 (five-week program). Tickets may be purchases as early as possible through your own travel agent or Ms Sue-Wu Tsai at 732.777.1199 (Jersey Travel), who can also help you with the visa application.


5: What should students bring to camp? What should they not bring?

Posted on 2009-05-19 by Director

Summers are HOT in Beijing, so t-shirts and shorts are sufficient for outings. You may also want to pack a light jacket or sweater for layering. Students can use a reasonable laundry service. Do prepare enough changing clothes for one full week.

Two photos for ID and form (school photo is OK, 2 size 1" diag.)

One personal journal book. For 6th graders and older, the book must be lined. You can choose a style you'd like to write on three times a week and not too heavy (but at least has 70 sheets). For 5th graders and younger, the book should be blank on which you can draw and write one or two sentences.

Pencils, eraser, and pens.

Hand sanitizer in small bottle(s) plus one large refill bottle (enough for your own child to use)

T shirts
long pants (1 pair - MUST have for visiting religous sites)
sneakers (hiking boots optional for the 4th week)
sweatshirt or light jacket

bathroom kit: toothbrush/paste, comb, shampoo, soap, bath towel, bath robe (optional), slippers (no carpet in the room), nail clipper.

swimming suit
sun screen
bug repellent
water bottle (with strap for outing and hiking)
sun hat


Chinese magazines & books including textbooks your child would like to study


linen or sleeping bag if your child has a tendency to become allergic to different detergents

any items that may make your child feel like at home

DO NOT bring excessive luggage. Generally one large suitcase, one carry-on, and a backpack should be adequate.

including anything that are not allowed in regular schools
NO FLIP-FLOPs as street shoes (flip-flops are OK in the dorm as slippers)

Game Boys or other electronic game players
CD players, laptops, or other expensive electronic equipment
valuables (e.g., expensive jewelry, excessive amount of cash)
clothes that have to be dry-cleaned
any non-Chinese books
books or magazines with inappropriate contents including erotic, anti-Communist, or any other materials banned by the Chinese government (e.g., propaganda for Fa Lun Gong).

There will be opportunities for the students to do a little shopping on outing trips. Students may want to purchase souvenirs, postcards, etc. Certain optional services and activities such as private tutor need to be paid by students. Recommended amount: $15-$50 a week


6: Can parents and relatives visit? Any preferred time for such visits? What are the policies?

Posted on 2005-01-09 by Lihong Xie

In general, based on our past experience, we would discourage parents and relatives to visit the students during the program.

We will post daily journals and photos on the Internet (with parents' permission) to keep parents updated. We encourage students to contact their parents by email and/or by phone. Most students will stay in touch with their parents on a regular basis.

We discourage in-person visits because these visits tend to disrupt the student's schedule and visitors tend to bring "comfort food" or materials to their own children, which could create problems at times.

We hope this is an opportunity for children to develop their own sense of independence and to learn to cope with various issues on their own in a safe environment under the guidance of the teachers. In most of the cases, the students do not NEED anything, but they may WANT certain things. For instance, one grandma, after visiting her grandson, walked for blocks in the grueling heat and returned with a hamburger for him!

Another logistic issue is escorting. Visitors may not be allowed to enter the campus freely so we may need to arrange for your child to meet you at the campus gate, in which case sending a counselor to escort the student, or sending a counselor to meet you at the campus gate and escort you to where the student is waiting. It would be indeed a lot of effort to allow students to have visitors.

For parents and relatives who have to visit, we suggest that you not bring any food or non-essential material to your children and limit your visit to once a week. Depending on the day of the week, you may check the daily schedule and try to come between 4 and 5 p.m. if there is no field trip. We will ask for names of authorized persons who may visit your child during the second-round online registration in May.

Please keep in mind and understand, most students at this age do not welcome visitors; they'd rather to be with their friends and would not want to miss anything fun.


7: Will students be permitted to visit their families in Beijing? How long can such visit be and what are the specific rules?

Posted on 2009-04-09 by Director

In general, based on our past experience, we would not allow students visiting their families in Beijing during the program.

Students returning from such visits tend to bring with them comfort food and other materials, which could create problems at times.

Students who spend nights off-campus make it challenging for their roommates to spend the nights alone. Students who are supposed to return to the campus at certain time may miss the time making the others worried or distracted from working with the other students. Students who are supposed to report to the campus by 8 a.m. before leaving for a field trip may make it by 8 a.m., but the other students may have all been ready for the past 10 minutes just waiting for one person to show up.

Students who have a place to go may at times behave disobediently because they feel that they could escape the disciplinary consequences by leaving the program anytime they wanted.

The best way for your child to spend time with other family members in Beijing is to arrive in Beijing one to two weeks earlier or stay in Beijing a couple of weeks after the program ends.


8: Would it be possible for me to join the group for the fifth week of travel?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

Yes. The fee for the fifth week of travel is about $1000. The deposit of $100 is due by May 30 to secure a spot.


9: What is the philosophy and purpose of the summer program?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

YingHua in Beijing is a high-quality, creative, and stimulating learning experience.

Program activities target five objectives:

1) Cultural experience;
2) Language learning;
3) Leadership training and character-building;
4) Physical fitness;
5) Fun.

Students participate in 60 class-periods of Chinese language study during the first three weeks (each class period is 45 minutes). Culture experience is not limited to classrooms; students go to field trips 2.5 days a week during the first three weeks.

All teachers will speak Chinese with the students. During the fourth week, there will be a special Chinese-immersion experience with local Chinese students.

The purpose of the camp is to allow the students to take full advantage of the Chinese-speaking environement in learning the Chinese language and culture.

The leadership training is weaved into the program throughout from workshops to outdoor leadership activities.


10: Will the program provide transportation to and from the airport?

Posted on 2009-04-14 by Director

Yes. Students will be picked up at the airport regardless of their arrival time on Monday June 22, 2009. They will see their names on signs held by people waiting outside of the custom checkup point - along with the others greeting the arriving flights.

Students will need to pick up their luggage and pass the custom checkup. They should be able to handle their own passports and the custom entering form.

Whenever possible, try to choose the flights that will arrive in the afternoon and early evening (2 to 7 p.m.).


11: Will there be a medical doctor on campus?

Posted on 2009-04-15 by Director

Yes. There is an infirmary on campus. In case of medical emergency, students can be transferred to Peking Union Medical College Hospital (xie2 he2 yi1 yuan4) or Peking University No. 3 Hospital.


12: Should students bring their medication to camp?

Posted on 2005-01-15 by Director

Yes. Please bring a medical pack for your child with over-the-counter medication for flu, sore throat, cough, headache, heatstroke, diarrhea, etc. Please provide in the same pack detailed explanations and instructions (what medication is for what illness/symptoms, etc.).

If your child has prescription medication, you are responsible to administer it onsite or get an approval and release form from your doctor for a reasonably prudent teacher to administer the medication in your absence.


13: My child has severe depression, can he come to the program?

Posted on 2005-01-15 by Director

First of all, I wanted to say that we understand, as a parent, you wanted to give your child the best opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life. We have seen that attending YingHua in Beijing can be a positive life-changing experience for depressed teenagers.

However, we now are fully aware of the tremendous responsibilities and liabilities that come with such a commitment to the student's interests. So, for the benefit of your child and the rest of the students at YingHua in Beijing, regretfully we would strongly discourage your child's participation.

If you insisted that your child participate the program, we would 1) need a written approval from your child's doctor, and 2) need one adult in Beijing to administer any medication AND readily available to handle any emergencies


14: What is the daily routine?

Posted on 2009-04-15 by Director

A typical day on campus:

7:00~8:35 Morning Bell, Morning Exercises, & Breakfast
8:45~12:00 Chinese Language Classes
12:00~13:30 Lunch & Recess
13:30~15:00 Chinese Cultural Practice (non-Physical)
15:00~16:00 Leadership workshops or field-trip preparation activities
15:00~17:30 Chinese Cultural Practice (Physical Exercises)
17:30~19:00 Dinner
19:00~20:00 Self-study
20:00~21:00 Journal & reflection Circle
21:30 Curfew for all and Lights-out for younger students
22:00 Lights-out for older students (12+)

For detailed schedule, please return to the YingHua in Beijing Summer Program Home Page and check the Daily Schedule.


15: What is protocol for a medical emergency?

Posted on 2009-04-25 by Director

During the secondary registration process, parents will be asked to provide the student's health information, U.S. physician and emergency contact information.

For mild symptoms, program teachers will search a student's medical pack for appropriate medication.

The next step would be to take the student to see the doctor on campus.

If necessary, the student would be sent to Peking Union Medical College Hospital (xie2 he2 yi1 yuan4) or Peking University No. 3 Hospital, accompanied by a YiB or Yanjing personnel. At that time, the student's U.S. doctor and/or parents would be contacted.

Should a student need to be evacuated from China, it would be the parents'responsibility to make the appropriate arrangement. Yanjing would provide a service to drop-of the student at the airport. YingHua in Beijing would not be responsible for evacuating any students from China due to medical reasons prior to the end of the camp.

Yanjing offers no health insurance coverage. Depending on whether your current policy will cover your child's stay in China, you may need to purchase additional health insurance before your child travels abroad. Please check with your insurance carrier for details


16: What are the disciplinary procedures of the program?

Posted on 2005-01-15 by Director

We will make sure all students will understand the program's rules, which will emphasize on being respectful to others, especially the teachers and the staff, the sign-in/sign-out procedure, curfew hours, etc. All students will be expected to obey the teachers and the staff.

For the first offense, the student will receive a written warning. For the second offense, the student's parents will be notified. For the third offense, the student will be excelled and the parents will be notified to make the appropriate arrangement for the student to go home. Yanjing will provide a service to drop-off the expelled student at the airport. Until proper travel arrangement is made, the student will be detained in program administrator's office and not allowed to participate in any program activities.


17: How can parents contact their students and camp staff?

Posted on 2005-01-15 by Director

There will be Yanjing personnel on-duty at the administrative office 24x7 handling emergency situation. Contact information will be provided later.

There will be a phone in each room with its own extension as part of the phone system. As soon as students are settled in their rooms, parents will receive notice of their extension numbers and be able to call them from the U.S. Students may purchase phone cards to call home.

We will encourage students to call or write email to parents during their free time. However the camp's schedule is very full. Unless for family emergency, the camp personnel is not responsible for looking for students to answer their parents'incoming calls. Contact information for the staff will be provided after they settle down


18: How will students exchange money?

Posted on 2005-01-15 by Director

Students may exchange money at the airport or participate in group exchanges, in which a teacher will make one trip to a nearby bank and bring back cash for participants.


19: Is there a laundry facility on campus?

Posted on 2009-04-15 by Director

Yes. Students may have their clothes washed with a fee (about $1-2 a load).

Please do not bring any clothes made from delicate materials or expensive name-brand clothes. We cannot be responsible for damage or loss of the clothes. Please bring enough clothes for a week.


20: Should my child bring any personal presents?

Posted on 2005-01-17 by Director

Yes. It is recommended that your child bring a few small, inexpensive (or self-made) presents for their Chinese partners (during the fourth week), their teachers, counselors, or anybody they may wish to leave a U.S. souvernior with.


21: What insurance is covered by the fee?

Posted on 2005-01-27 by Director

The insurance is the travel accident insurance (Plan 1) provided by American International Assurance Company, Ltd (AIA), AIGs life insurance company for Southeast Asia and China. It covers accidental death and disability (50,000 yuan), accidental injury medical expense (2,500 yuan) and hospital stay (25 yuan/day).

Student's medical insurance in the U.S. should cover the medical expenses in China. Ask your medical insurance issuer for details.


22: Where in Beijing is this campus located?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

The dormitory is on the beautiful campus of the University of Science and Technology Beijing (formerly Beijing Steel and Iron Institute). USTB’s total area of about 140 acres is located in the Haidian District of Beijing by the Fourth Ring Road, where many key institutions of higher learning are concentrated.

The campus and the student's building are guarded 24 hours. Each floor has surveillance cameras.


23: Does the classrooms and the dorm have air-condiion? Does the student standard room have shower in the bathroom?

Posted on 2009-04-01 by Director

The classrooms and the dorm are air-conditioned. There is shower in the private bathroom.


24: What about birthdays in camp? Will there be a celebration of them?

Posted on 2005-03-13 by Katherine Yang

Absolutely! If you take a look at last year's photos, you'll see there were three birthday parties last summer.


25: Who will be responsible of caring for my daughter's travel documents and air ticket?

Posted on 2005-03-23 by Director

We will collect all travel documents and air ticket as soon as we see her.


26: Will the camp help to purchase train tickets to other city in China? When should it be requested?

Posted on 2005-04-06 by Yuming Tao

I was told that it'd be very easy to buy train tickets for students attending the summer program.


27: Will the camp help to send the students to the train station to other cities?

Posted on 2005-04-29 by

Yes, we will help to send the students with their proper departure - to the train station or the airport.


28: What kind of cameras do you encourage the campers to bring--disposable? digital? inexpensive?

Posted on 2005-04-30 by Rachel K

In principle, this should be your choice depending on how reliable your child is. Some students brought digital cameras so that they would be able to take a lot of photos without having to worry about changing films. The digital photos are also easier for sharing. However, if your child cannot be trusted with a rather expensive piece of gadget, you'd better off to go with a disposable or inexpensive one. Last year, no student lost their cameras.


29: Will students ned to bring school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils)?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

We ask each student bring ne personal journal book. For 6th graders and older, the book must be lined. You can choose a style you'd like to write on three times a week and not too heavy (but at least has 70 sheets). For 5th graders and younger, the book should be blank on which you can draw.

Students may purchase other supplies in Beijing if needed. It is better to bring a couple of ballpens and pencils with them so that they can use these to fill out the forms on the airplane.


30: Can students bring Chinese books with English translation on facing pages

Posted on 2005-05-01 by Rachel K

As long as the books have 50% or more contents written in Chinese and contain appropriate materials, they are acceptable. We will provide reading materials and the schedule will be quite tight. So it is not advisable to bring too many books making the luggage too heavy.


31: Is there a public Internet room in the school? What is the charge for students to write and check e-mails?

Posted on 2005-05-01 by

The students will be able to access the Internet for class projects and email only. No games will be allowed. There will be no charge for accessing the Internet. There will be a limit on the time each student may use the Internet.


32: How about mosquitos? Will school provide service to kill mosquito or she has to bring Mosquito net for her at night in the dormitory?

Posted on 2005-05-04 by Director

I don't think you'll need to bring the net. Just bring some repellent such as Off in case we are going out in the evenings. Mosquito should not be a serious problem based on our last year's experience.

One parent has just suggested a type of products available at Wal-Mart or other stores that uses sonic wave to repel mosquitos. It's FIRST ALERT PERSONAL MOSQUITO GUARD or Sunbeam Personal Mosquito Repellers. It runs on batteries


33: Because I will be out of town mid-May-early June and will leave for China almos immediately after that, I'm anxious to get information about the 2nd round of registration. Will we be able to complete?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

The second-round of registration will be available on May 1 online. Just go to Online registration and you'll see the option for "supplementary registration."


34: Do campers have time to watch TV or movies? If so, is there any introduction before the movie or TV shows?

Posted on 2005-05-07 by

Students may not have much time to watch TV or movies. The Elementary Class may use TV or movies as part of the language learning. If the students are going to watch TV or movies in their own rooms, there will not be any introduction. If they watch TV or movies on their own as a group, it would be easy to find someone to give them some help if needed.


35: Do they learn Chinese typing? Hope to see they can write a couple of Chinese words in their emails.

Posted on 2005-05-07 by

Students will learn Chinese word processing using pin-yin. They will be able to write email to you containing Chinese characters.


36: Can campers bring the tapes they learn in China back home if they want to listen to them again?

Posted on 2005-05-07 by

For students of the Extensive Reading class as well as the Intermediate class, due to the large volumn of the read-along material they will be going through, we will not be providing tapes for students to take home. However they will bring a copy of the textual material home.


37: Could you provide a list of names and age of kids registered for the camp? Can they request roommate?

Posted on 2005-05-09 by Director

We will distribute a list of names and phone numbers of the students so that they may contact their roommates before the program starts.

Students may state their roommate preference after checking with their preferred buddies.


38: What kind of rock-climbing has been planned? Is it completely safe? What are the risks of injury?

Posted on 2005-05-16 by

The rock-climbing will be part of the warm-up activities prior to the challenging team-based exercises/training. Proper safety precautions will be taken as at any artificial rock-climbing facilities in the U.S. (YingHua takes its students to a rock-climbing facility nearby three time a year. It is a sport I am familiar with.)

Nothing can be said as being 100% safe when it comes to kids'activities as kids could fall off monkey bars in the school's playground or swings in the U.S. as well. However, I will use my judgement to stop any activities that are deemed to be unsafe in nature for our students.

The risk of injury should be the same as kids'Physical Education classes, summer camps, or boy/girl scouts in the U.S. (My son once fell while jogging in a circle inside the gym and knocked the back of his head on the frame of the only piano in the gym... He was OK, but the blood was all over his clothes as any small openings on the scalp would make it look like someone's got killed...)

Will the students get their skin scratched? Maybe. Serious injuries? I don't think so.

There will be six professional coaches working with the kids. We should be OK.

We will be careful. You should rest assured


39: Does the campus have a piano that the students can use if they wish to play or practice?

Posted on 2009-04-16 by

I am not sure how the arrangements could be made, but ask your child to bring their music books in case they can practice. (No other English books are allowed. See What should students bring to camp? What should they not bring?


40: What clinic will you use in an emergency?

Posted on 2005-05-26 by Director

There are several choices of good hospitals in Beijing. Our first choice is Beijing United Family Hospital & Clinics, the first foreign-invested hospital operating in China.

# 2 Jiang Tai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
For appointment: (8610) 6433 3960
24-Hour Emergency Hotline: +86 (10) 6433 2345

Depending on the specific nature and condition of an emergency, the program staff reserves the right to use alternative hospitals or clinics in the best interest of the patients.


41: Is it possible to have a camp orientation before the trip? It will be good to meet the camp-goers and the parents.

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

There will be an orientation in Lawrenceville, NJ, about two weeks before the program starts.


42: I would like to know which class my child will be in, elementary or intermediate or extensive, for reading or conversation lessons. How do I find out?

Posted on 2009-04-21 by Director

After the first day of the program, you will hear from us.


43: What is the camp's policy about students having their own cell phones?

Posted on 2009-04-23 by

Cell phone policy is consistent with what the regular schools have. The rule of thumb is not to distract and interfere with normal activities. Teachers have the right to restrict the use of cell phones or take them away from students should there be a problem.


44: I would like to know which class my child will be in, elementary or intermediate or extensive, for reading or conversation lessons. How do I find out?

Posted on 2005-06-23 by

Class assignment is in the roommate assignment file but is not final until the third day into the program.


45: What is the camp's policy about students having their own cell phones?

Posted on 2005-06-23 by

Cell phone policy is consistent with what's in the regular schools. The rule of thumb is not ti distract and interfere with normal activities. Teachers have the right to restrict the use of cell phones or take them away from students should there be a problem.


46: Is there a library in the school? Is it accessible to students?

Posted on 2009-04-23 by

Yes, but not accessible to students. Students do their work in their dorm.


47: Water bottle is on packing list. Can they buy bottled water in Beijing? Is the tab water safe to refill?

Posted on 2005-06-28 by

Bottled water will be provided for all trips. While on campus, drinking water will be available for refill.


48: On field trips, will students have identifications on them so that they could contact the campus in case they are lost?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

Yes. Every student needs to bring two photos, one of which will be used for this.


49: How many sets of clothes do students need?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

Bring enough changing clothes for a week. During the fourth week, the students won't have any laudrary service until they return to Beijing on Friday.


50: Will there be Internet communications during the fourth week?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by Director

You will hear from me through email, but the students will not have Internet access during the fourth week.


51: How will I be able to call my child?

Posted on 2009-04-28 by

We will give you the number and extension to call once your child is settled down.

You can get inexpensive calling cards at www.phonecardsforsale.com. A $10 card will allow you to call for more than 20 hours. I prefer Pinless Global Talk $10 (33 States Local Access#).

Your child may purchase an IP card in China and call you, but it's cheaper for you to call China.


52: On the schedule, students will have their evaluation test on the second day of camp. Can you let parents what their kid's Chinese level as in HK and after finals can you let us know again of their HK

Posted on 2009-04-28 by

I see what parents would be interested in knowing here ... Don't know what as in HK means. Usually it is hard to compare the two tests.

The first test usually may cover from elementary to the most advanced level in order to see where their levels are. It may not be that strict as all we'll need is to place students into one of the four levels and usually that's pretty obvious.

To get in the Extensive Reading class, a student will have to have learned over 1300 characters and can retain most of them. The elementary class is for students who do not speak Mandarin at home. Some students may participate the Elementary and the Intermediate classes alternately.

The last test usually only test what they have learned - not trying to see if their levels have improved and thus may not comparable with the first test result. Neither test mean to be standardized tests, which may be used for measuring progress.

As we only have four levels, it is pretty clear which level a student will study. There is multiple instructional staff working with the students. I am trying to limit the lecture time and add more practice time to the classes so each level will develop unique classroom dynamics.

If anyone has any ideas for assessment, please let me know during the program.


53: I'd like to send my child for HSK (Han Yu Shui Ping Kao Shi) after summer and hope to get to know which group (basic, elementary or advanced) to go for the test.

Posted on 2005-07-12 by

Most of the kids should start with the Basic (Level 1-3) test unless he/she is very strong in reading.


54: It's very hot in Beijing, Is it possible to give each student a bottled water in the morning, and they can refill if necessary.

Posted on 2005-07-12 by

There are drinking water in large coolers all over the campus - in each floor of the dorm and in the cafeteria. In the classroom building, there are water fountains like those in the U.S. (not tap water), which supplies processed water. Kids have been drinking from there as well. When we go on field trips, we do offer bottlted water in the bus. We have also asked the students to bring a water bottle with them to refill, which many of them do


55: About pocket money, can my kids give their expense money for you to keep when they arrive on campnus, then they can track the balance in the 'account'

Posted on 2006-06-16 by

Yes. They can give their money to us to keep. We will give them the money as needed.