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YingHua in Beijing: Honors Program


YingHua Language School offers opportunities for students in Grades 4-9 to study in Beijing for one semester (20 weeks). To be eligible for the "YingHua in Beijing" Honor Program, students must meet at least ONE of the two criteria.
  • On their regular school's latest HONOR ROLLS (or with proof of grades in As or high Bs).
  • OR
  • Highly self-motivated for going to Beijing to live and study for a lengthy period.

A phone or in-person interview may be needed. Students may also study for more than one semester.

The pilot program started in Spring 2005, when two 4th graders (one boy and one girl) studied at Beijing Limai School, now Beijing New Talent Academy. In Fall 2005, four students (two boys and two girls) are attending the 8th grade (3) and the 7th grade (1). Six students studied in Beijing in Spring 2006 in the 8th grade (1), 7th grade (2), 5th grade (1), 4th grade (1), and 3rd grade (1). To date, three students studied in Spring 2007, two in Fall 2007, six in Fall 2009, two in Fall 2010, one in Fall 2011 ...

Tuition and fees for international students studying for one semester or 20 weeks
The fall semester starts on September 1st. The spring semester starts in mid-February.
Registration fee: 800(RMB)
Student visa and handling fee: $50
Tuition (including room & board five days a week):
Grades 4-6: 35000(RMB) as of 9/1/2012 or $5,551 based on the exchange rate on 4/7/2012
Grades 7-9: 36000(RMB) as of 9/1/2012 or $5,710 based on the exchange rate on 4/7/2012
Extracurricular clubs and classes (e.g., piano, marshal arts, band, math Olympiad, etc.): $300-400
Weekend staying on-campus (including room and board): $250

Not including international airfare, visa application fee, and other personal expenses.

* According to the school's admission policy, students entering China using Chinese passports and have Identification cards and Residence Records (hu4 kou3 ben3) issued by the Chinese government who have NO language barrier AND are willing to be placed by the result from the regular placement exams given to the local Chinese students, i.e., who can be treated like the local students and will not have any privileges granted to international students, may pay domestic rates, which will be $500 less in total.

(An example of such students would be a child who has recently immigrated to the U.S. and is returning to China through the YingHua in Beijing Honors Program.)

** Students leaving campus on weekends may take school buses.


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