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Summer 2014 "YingHua in Beijing"
Language & Leadership Institute
June 23 to July 20, 2014

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The YingHua Language School is proud to offer its highly successful 4-week Chinese language program in 2014 in Beijing, China - for students between 8 and 18 years old. In its 11th year of operation, the program is co-organized by the Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School! (Yanjing), a nonprofit educational organization approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Yanjing will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating most activities under the direction and guidance of YingHua. (Download a flyer or brochure for distribution.)

Program activities target five objectives:

1) Cultural experience;
2) Language learning;
3) Leadership training and EQ-character building;
4) Physical fitness;
5) Fun.

First Three Weeks (June 23 to July 13)

The first three weeks include intensive language classes (45 hours), as well as culture activities, sightseeing, and cultural shows.

Language classes. Four levels with eight to twelve students in each class are offered. Students will be placed based on information submitted during registration. Class placement may be adjusted based on teachers' feedback. The curriculum includes reading/writing and speaking/listening courses.

The Basic and Elementary levels are suitable for students who do not speak Mandarin Chinese at home. The Intermediate level is suitable for students who speak Mandarin Chinese at home or can understand spoken Mandarin. The classic reading material for the Intermediate level is "Journey to the West."

Students who speak Mandarin at home and can recognize over 800 characters may be placed in the special Extensive Reading class aimed at strengthening character recognition and sight-reading vocabulary. The classic reading for this level alternates between "The Romance of Three Kingdoms" (in odd-numbered years) and "Outlaws of the Marsh" (in even-numbered years).

Language classes are held five days a week, four 45-minute periods a day, and include a weekly test. Students will be given a comprehensive assessment at the end of the third week.

Culture activities. Besides language learning, students will practice Chinese calligraphy, brush painting, the abacus, Chinese pop songs and movies, handicrafts, Chinese traditional puzzle games, Chinese traditional medicine, and Chinese "dough modeling" (30 hours). In the mornings, afternoons and some evenings, students will participate in distance-running, swimming, feather-kicking, Chinese yo-yo, and martial arts (30 hours).

Field trips. Students will participate in organized weekly shows and tours. Performances, such as Peking Opera, acrobatics, and martial arts shows are scheduled. Excursions include trips to historic landmarks such as the Great Wall of China (Mutianyu and Jiugukou in the 4th week), Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, Drum Tower, Beihai & Jingshan Park, Beijing's Hutong and Courtyard, Niujie (Ox Street) Mosque, and other cultural excursions (temple, church, community club, senior citizen center, local government, residential homes, universities, etc.).

Room and Board. The dormitory is inside the four-star Yong An Hotel. This facility provided excellent services to our program in 2009. The courtyard-style complex proides dual-layer security at the courtyard and building entrances. Situated at the Embassy Area, the Yong An Hotel is within walking distance to the new U.S. Embassy and close to the China Agricultural Exhibition Center located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing by the Third Ring Road.

Four students will share an air-conditioned two-room suite, a private bathroom with shower, two televisions, and a telephone. A large cafeteria is also on campus with the very popular breakfast buffet. The dining service serves mostly Chinese food with some American favorites. Students may use computers to send email or read news from major sources (i.e., Yahoo!, CNN, etc.) 2-3 times a week.

Fourth Week (July 14 to 20)

The fourth week will give the students a unique opportunity to exercise their language and leadership skills. They will travel to Beijing Guang Ai School in the eastern suburb of Beijing to provide a free 4-day summer camp to underprivileged children, most of whom are orphans or homeless children. Our students will be responsible for designing and implementing activities including English-learning, cultural awareness games, friendly competitions, student performance, decorating the learning environment, and beautifying the campus.

This week, language learning becomes "real" As the Beijing students do not speak much English. We will go hiking a section of the ancient Great Wall ruin. There will be many other leadership-development, character-building, and culture-immersion activities.

(Program highlights in Chinese: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Logistics. “YingHua in Beijing" 2014 Summer Language & Leadership Program is limited to 50 students. Register early as no applications are accepted once capacity has been reached.

Director Dr. Bonnie Liao will escort the group of students from the New Jersey / New York area on June 22 and return on July 20. She will stay with the program throughout the four weeks.

$3,980 including a $80 registration fee, tuition, room & board, books, hotels, travel accident insurance, and ground transportation for study and travel, but not international airfare, visa fee, medical insurance, medical expenses, and other personal expenses.

Deposit of $580 is due in 7 days after online registration to secure a spot. Subsequent sibling registration may waive the $80 registration fee.

Make the check payable to "YingHua International School" and the address should be P.O. Box 3004, Princeton, New Jersey 08543-3004

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