Homework Assignment for Revision of Lesson 1-6                       Class C05



1.                              Type on a computer an essay about yourself in Chinese characters.  If the computer does not support Chinese characters, use this website to type, and then copy the words to and save it as a Word document.  Please print the essay or email me.

              (For those who have already typed the essay in Chinese characters, please make 5 questions with different question words in Chinese and type them.  The longer each question is, the better.)


2.                              Read and record: The sentences on Page 33 of the Workbook.


3.                              Do Exercises 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 on Page 34-35 of the Workbook


4.                              See the Powerpoint Presentation of the Question Particles.



For this coming Sunday, please bring your

Textbook and Workbook

Tape with your recording (or email me)

Printout of your essay (or email me)