Homework Assignment for Lesson 6                       Class C05



1.                              Listen to Track 8 of the CD, and then read and record your own voice of the texts in Lesson 6 (Page 22 of the Textbook) on a cassette tape or on a computer.


2.                              Listen to Track 9 of the CD, and do Exercise 4 on Page 25 of the Texbook.


3.                              See the Powerpoint Presentation of maps. (extra material)


4.                              Write the characters on the grid writing sheet provided (ten times each).  You can also download the sheet here.

Write the radicals on Page 29 of your Workbook (ten times each).


3.                            Do Exercises 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 on pages 25-28 of your Workbook.

(**For students who were in the C03 class last semester, please do ALL the 12 exercises (except for Exercise 2) on pages 25-28 of your Workbook.



For this coming Sunday, please bring your

Textbook and Workbook

Tape with your recording of Lesson 6 (or email me)

Grid writing sheet