Homework Assignment for Lesson 1                       Class C05



In addition to the writing exercise and Exercises 1-7 (Page 1-3 of the Workbook), please also:



1.                 Listen to the audio clip of Lesson 1 (at least 3 times)



2.                 Read and record your own voice on a cassette tape (or on a computer if you prefer, email me the audio file in that case):



Hello! (respectfully)

Good morning!

Good morning! (respectfully)



(your voice in Chinese, of course! J)



3.         Try to type the characters in Lesson 1 from a computer.  You may email me what you have typed, or print it and bring it this coming Sunday!


If the computer you use is running Windows XP, follow the instructions here.


If the computer you use is running Windows 2000, follow the instructions here.


If neither of the above works, try NJ Star.




For this coming Sunday, please bring your

Textbook and Workbook (Xerox)

Tape with your voice of Lesson 1 (or email me before Sunday)

Printout of the characters that you’ve typed (or email me before Sunday)