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C01 班 (教师: WANG, Lijie)

C05 班 (教师: WANG, Lijie)

C07 班 (教师: Kanagawa, Xiufeng)

C09 班 (教师: Zhao, Daisy)

CSL Program

The CSL Program offers two tiers: CSL1 and CSL2. Students need no prior knowledge or experience with Chinese. Only simplified Chinese characters will be taught.

  • CS1 - "Sing & Learn Chinese"
    (C01 - C04)
  • CS2 - "Chinese Made Easy"
    (C05 - C10)


CSL1 is for children ages 5 to 9 to enter. The classes are C01 through C04 following a four-year curriculum using "Sing & Learn Chinese" developed by Ms. Sunny Zeng. The learning materials include textbooks, workbooks, flashcards, and CD-ROM/FLASH-based homework.

The focus for this tier is listening and speaking with proper pronunciations.

The objective is to motivate the students to continue studying Chinese.

New C01 students are admitted in odd numbered years only (i.e., 2003, 2005, etc.)

As students become old enough to be enrolled in CSL2, they will begin C05. There is no need to finish C03 or C04 before moving into CSL2.

The 36 booklets of My First Chinese Words (with CD-ROM by Better Chinese) and videotapes "Ni Hao" (by Sunny Zeng) will also be used as supplementary materials.


CSL2 is for children ages 9 and up including adult students. The classes are C05 through C10 following a six-year curriculum using "Chinese Made Easy" written by Yamin Ma and Xinying Li. The learning materials include textbooks, workbooks, and audio CDs.

This tier is designed using the Communicative Approach providing an interesting and challenging learning experience.

The objective is to prepare the students for the SAT II Chinese or other similar standard tests in high schools.

New students entering the C05 class will be mixed with students who have moved up from Tier 1 (after finishing C02 or C04). Students moved up from Tier 1 will have an advantage in pronunciation and hearing. However the more advanced requirements on writing, pin-yin phonic system, speaking to communicate, and using Chinese word processors will keep all students challenged.

New C05 students are admitted in odd numbered years only (i.e., 2003, 2005, etc.)