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Chinese learning that works!
Roger (an A01 and A09 parent),Monmouth Junction,NJ
Great school, great teachers and great management.
An A07 parent,Princeton,NJ
I am impressed with YingHua's dedication to Chinese language education and I am grateful that my child can have such a good Chinese learning experience.
Jian Lin (an A01 parent),Newtown,PA
Since joining YingHua Language School in summer 2003, my daughter has been making dramatic improvment in her ability to read and write Chinese. She has an excellent Maderian accent, and she is really dedicated to learning Chinese. I am very proud of her achievement, and am greatly indebted to the excellent teaching and dedication of the YingHua language School teachers and staff.
Linda Ma Sung (an A07 parent),Lawrenceville,NJ
This school makes learning Chinese really easy.
Francisco Cervantes of C06,Lawrenceville,NJ
Wonderful school with dedicated teachers and good communications. The principal is committed, passionate, and always available for help if you need. Two months ago, the principal introduced a tutor to my daughter and it worked magic. Now my daughter is responsible for all her homework without much of my supervision. I am proud and impressed with the progress she has made in YinHua. I think that I made an absolute right choice for my children to go to YinHua Language School.
Yanping Wei (an A00 and A04 parent),Plainsboro,NJ
YingHua has given my daughter significant impact to enjoy learning Chinese. The "YingHua in Beijing" 2004 Summer Camp made her even more motivated to learn Chinese. Our family's special "thank you" goes to Liao Bing (Bonnie); she puts her heart and hard work into YingHua. We are very appreciative and blessed to have her in our community.
Joanne He (an A11 parent),Newtown,PA
YingHua has the best possible principal and teachers one can find. I am very happy that my kids can learn in this wonderful school. My kids cannot read Chinese before they came to YingHua one year ago, but now they can read!
Hua Ding (an A01 and A04 parent),Langhorne,PA
YingHua provides a very quiet study environment for all kids. Children in YingHua take Chinese lessons more seriously than other schools because they feel no difference between this Chinese school and their regular schools. Not too many parents around here.
L. Zhang (an A00 and A07 parent),Princeton Junction,NJ
In addition to YingHua Language School, my child also attends Chinese language class in her regular school. She prefers YingHua's curriculum and looks forward to attending it weekly.
F. Chang (an C02 parent),Plainsboro,NJ
In YingHua, I've learned lots of Chinese words. This school teaches us with effort. I enjoy learning Chinese at YingHua Language School.
Sarah Xie of A10,North Brunswick,NJ
YingHua has excellent teachers.
An A01 and A09 parent,Flemington,NJ
I am thankful for YingHua Language School's commitment to exposing and acculturating my son to the Mandarin language.
Craig Bakalian (a C02 parent),Hamilton Square,NJ
We are very impressed with the teacher, the materials and the school organization. We feel Leonora is benefiting a great deal from her experience at YingHua.
Mr & Mrs James Camner (A15 parents),Pennington,NJ