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Parent Rules

To ensure a productive and safe learning environment at YingHua Language School, all parents/guardians have the ultimate responsibility to follow the parent rules. All parents/guardians will be required to understand and sign the following consent agreement at the beginning of a new school year.
  1. All parents/guardians voluntarily send their child(ren) to YingHua Language School and waive all liability claims against the school and its personnel.
  2. Parents or guardians should accompany their child(ren) to the classroom and sign-in with the classroom teacher every school day. Please arrive at school between 2:20 and 2:30 p.m.
  3. Parents/guardians should pick up student and sign-out before 4:30 p.m. or by 6:05 p.m. after extracurricular activities.
  4. Parents/guardians should notify the teachers or principal when students cannot attend school via email or phone preferably before school.
  5. Parents/guardians should pay attention to their own good manners at all time while in the school. Parents/guardians should help ensure a quiet and safe learning environment at YingHua.
  6. Parents/guardians should not use any other facilities or areas that are not designated for YingHua's instructional activities unless authorized to do so.
  7. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) not to go to the areas other than the classrooms assigned to YingHua.
  8. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) not to use, move, or modify any classroom items. Parents/guardians are liable to any and all property damages caused by their child(ren).
  9. Parent Advisory Council may assign one parent on-duty for each school day. Parents/guardians should cooperate to fulfill their duty once assigned. No parents/guardians should be present in the classroom except for the parent on-duty or the parents wearing badges for classroom observation. The classroom observation badges can be obtained from the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  10. Parents/guardians should remind their child(ren) to follow all the Student Rules of the School. Parents/guardians should cooperate with teachers to address any concerns regarding their child(ren)s behavior in the School.
  11. Parents/guardians are responsible for their child(ren)s Chinese study at home. Parents/guardians should encourage, help, and monitor their child(ren) to complete homework, test preparation, and other related activities. In case of confusion, parents/guardians should proactively contact a teacher to clarify issues.
  12. Parents/guardians have the rights to raise concerns or provide suggestions for teaching, school management, and improvement. Please send your messages to principal@yinghua.org. The Principal will rearrange and submit the parents' comments to school board for improving the school operation.


I fully understand and agree to honor the Parent Rules of YingHua Chinese Language School.

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