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Student Evaluation and Awards (Draft)

Performance Index (max. 100)

Each of the following will be evaluated on a five-point scale.
  1. Classroom participation (20) (e.g., actively answer questions or ask questions)
  2. Cooperation (20) (e.g., follow the teacher's instructions and the classroom rules in general, help the teacher to clean up)
  3. Speaking Chinese in school (20) (e.g., use Chinese to communicate most of the time)
  4. Respectful to the others (20) (e.g., do not leave seat without permission, raise hands before talking)
  5. Attendance (20) (For each absence beyond the third time, take 2 points off)

Academic Index (can be over 100)

= Exam Score + Other Score + Reading Material (extra credits)

Exam Score = written/2 + [reading/highest in class (reading) +character/highest in class (character)]/4

Other Score = total(homework)/highest total in class (homework)/2 + average(quiz)/highest average in class (quiz)/2

Attendance requirement

At YingHua, we recognize the challenging schedule students may have on weekends. We encourage all students to come to school on every school day but have set a more realistic attendance requirement. Meeting or failing this requirement will be recorded in the student's transcript, which will be available by request only. All students may continue their study at YingHua regardless meeting or failing the attendance requirement.

Because attendance may affect the learning results and some student may do well despite of missing a few classes, the AI is used in establishing the attendance requirement.

AI >100: 22 days (8 absent days)
95 <= AI <100: 23 days (7 absent days)
90 <= AI < 95: 24 days (6 absent days)
85 <= AI < 90: 25 days (5 absent days)
80 <= AI < 85: 26 days (4 absent days)
75 <= AI < 80: 27 days (3 absent days)
AI < 75: 27 days (3 absent days)
Three(3) late arrivals equal to one absent day.

When a student is absent, his quiz would not be counted, but his homework would be counted. In other words, he should still turn in his homework in the following 1-2 weeks for the days that he is absent.

Award eligibility

YingHua honors all students who meet the attendance requirement.

Highest Achievement AI > 90 and PI > 90
Good Citizenship AI > 75 and PI > 75
Most Improved: A change in AI or PI that is greater than 25 points.
Perfect Attendance: perfect attendance
Best Effort: given to students who have tried hard.

Teachers may make recommendations under special circumstances. The Principal may make the final decision.